Strategy to Action: How digital makes a difference to everyday lives

14 December 2023
  • This resource is for anyone who attended the event, or who is interested in the knowledge that was shared.

    If digital is not your thing, then you need to come to this event.

    If digital is your world, then come along to this event to hone your getting things done skills.

    This event will take a practical and honest view at the digital landscape in Wales and will offer practical ideas for public and third sector organisations which will help them achieve the best value for money.

    How do we translate the strategic aims of digital strategies into practical action that makes a difference to everyday lives?

    Digital is now such a big part of our lives and the services we use. This means that it becomes an assumed and integral part of providing services and running organisations.

    Providing effective services in the current era requires some degree of working digitally. But the world of digital is huge and can be a very confusing space to navigate. This event will focus on the practical building blocks that will deliver success in a manageable and sustainable way. This includes the leadership and culture needed, how to design services, the digital skills needed in an organisation as well as how to ensure that everyone is included and that services are accessible.

    Resources from the event

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    Cwmpas Plenary Slides 1.66 MB Link
    Cwmpas Workshop Slides 4.87 MB Link
    Digital Communities Wales Slides 964.62 KB Link
    CDPS slides 1.35 MB Link
    ProMo Cymru Slides 3.39 MB Link