• Writing on paper
    Shining a light on the Welsh Government’s 2019-20 accounts
  • Puzzle pieces on a blue EU background
    Preparations for the end of Brexit transition
  • person in classroom
    Consequences for learners’ progress and school budgets if teachers’ absence from the classroom not managed well
  • Photgraph of a smiling young woman at a desk
    We're looking for a Communications Officer
    We're looking for a highly creative Communications Officer to join our award winning team. We need someone who’s an excellent writer, has
  • Image of Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales publication covers
    Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales
  • Three icons showing a spanner and graph, a lightbulb that's also half cog, and a mountain with flag at the top
    Launch a career that counts
    Do you have an interest in how public money is spent? Do you want to help support the improvement of our public services?
  • Photograph of hands at a laptop keyboard
    Ambitious vision for Welsh Community Care Information System still a long way from being realised
  • Four icons showing a closed book, an open book, a laptop, and a virus
    Powys Library Services during COVID-19 – what we’ve learned
  • Three icons showing a clipboard, a house with a pound sterling sign inside it, and a piggy bank
    £8m of fraud and overpayments detected in Wales through National Fraud Initiative
  • Photograph of a workman facing away from camera and looking at a large pile of rubbish
    Can Wales cope with the financial impact of the pandemic on local government?
  • Image of Beter Law making publication covers
    Better Law Making: our latest think piece
    Drawing on its post-legislative examination of four significant laws, in conjunction with five very recent reports, Audit Wales considers some of t
  • Photograph of doctor in face mask examining a patient
    COVID-19 has made Welsh NHS waiting list problems worse but has also created a unique opportunity to build a better planned care system
  • Audit Wales logo - our name and large, sideways 'A' in red
    New Wales Audit Office Chair confirmed
  • The words 'cyber resilience' next to an icon of an open laptop dispaying a picture of a virus
    Our webinar on public bodies’ cyber resilience during lockdown
    Come to our webinar to hear how public bodies in Wales have been adapting their cyber resilience arrangements during lockdown.
  • Photograph of stethoscope on computer keypad
    Clinical Coding is still not getting the profile it needs within NHS Wales