Future Generations Bill Seminar

09 January 2019
  • Feb 2014 - This was the first in a series of free Shared Learning Seminars. These seminars were run in collaboration with Wales' Commissioner for Sustainable Futures. The Bill will place a new duty on the devolved public services in Wales to make sustainable development their central organising principle.

     This seminar helped the Welsh public sector prepare for the Future Generations Bill.



    Title Size Link
    The Commissioner for Sustainable Futures 2.36 MB Link
    An award-winning organisation that has used integrated reporting 817.17 KB Link
    Swansea City Council on their approach to reporting for sustainable development 784.73 KB Link
    Workshop by the International Integrated Reporting Council and The Crown Estate 2.49 MB Link
    Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy 221.34 KB Link
    Wales Audit Office and the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures 359.46 KB Link
    Agenda 136.77 KB Link
    Biographies 146.83 KB Link
    Workshop outputs 361.97 KB Link