Wales Audit Office achieves bronze corporate health standard

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 10:30am

Recognition for Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

The Wales Audit Office has been awarded the bronze corporate health standard – as part of the Welsh Government’s Healthy Working Wales Programme. The award, which is a recognised standard of excellence, demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to supporting health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing is key to the success of all organisations as it improves performance and morale. It encourages staff retention and attracts high quality staff. Wellbeing involves, physical, mental and social health and the Wales Audit Office has demonstrated real strength in all these areas. It’s also committed to continuing to achieve real sustainable change to support the aims of make the organisation a “great place to work.”

In order to achieve the standard, the Wales Audit Office went through an assessment, which looked at the following areas:

Organisational support: Senior level commitment; employee engagement; managing health and safety; health, work and well-being; monitoring, evaluation and review.

Specific Health Issues: Tobacco; mental health and wellbeing; musculoskeletal disorders; alcohol and substance misuse; food health and wellbeing; physical activity.

Auditor General for Wales, Huw Vaughan Thomas, said today:

“I think it’s great that the Wales Audit Office has achieved the Bronze Corporate Health Standard at our first attempt, with the assessors highlighting a range of good practice across the business. This is testament to the hard work and commitment of staff and leaders across the organisation. We’re committed to maintaining this momentum and enthusiasm and continuing to achieve long term sustainable change.”