Working Across the Generations Seminar

Working Across the Generations Seminar

The Wales Audit Office hosted a seminar with Viv Du-Feu, Partner at Capital Law, Cardiff as part of its continued commitment to sharing innovative solutions to enable the Welsh public sector to manage service delivery during austere times.

This seminar aimed to address common workforce issues facing public sector organisations.

You can watch the presenters discussing their contributions [Opens in new window] to the seminar.

The seminar was aimed at the Welsh public sector and third sector roles, in particular:

  • HR Directors;
  • Executive/non-executive HR Portfolio holders
  • Customer Facing Directors;
  • Change Managers;
  • Policy Leads for workforce; and
  • Key Professionals covering Talent Development, Workforce Development.

Seminar outline

The seminar consisted of two sessions:

Session 1: This session provided overview from Viv Du-Feu of current generational impact and the impacts of working across multiple generations and the implications to organisations.

Session 2: Delegate action learning sets covered the following themes:

  • Implications of and managing an external recruitment freeze;
  • What to do when it's time to update policies;
  • Recruiting to a specific role; and
  • The role of mentoring and coaching.

Where and when

Tuesday 26 March 2013
Wales Audit Office, 24 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ