Raising the Public Service Game

Raising the Public Service Game

Raising the Public Service Game was a thought provoking Conference aimed at driving success and encouraging innovation within the Welsh public Service. 

The event was held at Cardiff City Stadium in June 2012 and featured a host of interesting speakers who addressed the challenges facing public service and offered their perspective of how we can not only cope but thrive in times of austerity.

Wales is a small country. But it needs to think big for its public services if we are to achieve the excellence that we strive for, we need first to understand and be open about the relative strengths and weaknesses of our current provision and performance and the mechanisms that support it.

Then we must be willing to innovate even when resources are thin on the ground. We are not alone in having to deliver improved services, which better meet public needs, against a backcloth of expenditure restraints. I hope today will provide space and opportunity for us all to reflect on current practices and consider how best to raise our game in Wales, in the light of experiences elsewhere.

An impressive range of contributors from within Wales will be joined by colleagues from Scotland and England. A team from Scotland's public sector will start the conference - giving a unique perspective on how another devolved nation is tackling similar challenges. Speakers and workshop leaders from a broad range of interests will lead the way in our discussions.

As our final speaker will demonstrate Wales is thinking big and achieving world class performance in other arenas and its public services can and should aspire to the same levels.