Making services more accessible to people who do not speak English or Welsh

Making services more accessible to people who do not speak English or Welsh

We held a free seminar to develop an awareness of the requirements upon public bodies to enable people who don’t speak English or Welsh to access public services on an equal basis, and to understand the policies and practice that need to be in place.

People who don’t speak English or Welsh well will struggle to be able to use the public services they need. This may be because they are recent arrivals in the UK or because of sensory loss. However, ensuring that everyone living in Wales has equal access to public services is one of the 7 goals of the Well-being of the Future Generations Act.

Walking away from this seminar, delegates shared and learnt different approaches to accessing services and information, and why this requirement is so important. This seminar brought together the most up-to-date practices from across Wales and beyond.

Who the seminar was for 

This seminar was aimed at the following public sector and third sector staff: 

  • equalities portfolio holders
  • equalities officers
  • policy leads
  • website accessibility managers, and
  • staff responsible for developing services for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to the UK or services for people with sensory loss or who are otherwise disadvantaged.


  1. How digital technology can help make services more accessible [PDF 1.2MB Opens in new window] - Fiona Maclean/ Alison Johnstone, Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust 
  2. Providing support for tenants in the community - Bex Gingell and Tim Entwhistle, Taff Housing Association 
  3. Working in partnership to improve access to health services [PDF 1.2MB Opens in new window] - Dr Gareth Morgan, Hywel Dda University Health Board and John Gilchrist, Wales Council for Deaf People

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16 March 2017
30 March 2017
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