Live Webinar: Your Town, Your Future - Town Centre Regeneration

Live Webinar: Your Town, Your Future - Town Centre Regeneration
A graphic illustrating a stylised Welsh town. It includes housing, businesses and transport in the form of bicycles and buses, as well as references to the mountains and countryside.


This event will share initial findings from Audit Wales’ ongoing review of town centre regeneration, as well as sharing examples of practice from Wales and beyond.

Town centres have been at the heart of Welsh society for a long time. Regardless of where you are from and how old you are, we all have good memories of visiting our local town centres.

Town centres have and continue to give communities worth. They’ve created jobs. They have been places to visit, work and socialise, a reference point and forms part of our sense of identity.

But what will the future look like?

We want to discuss the challenges facing our towns now, the impact of COVID-19 and the growth of digital remote working and online shopping. It makes clear how important regeneration is. Not just the physical regeneration; but also the social, environmental, cultural, health and economic wellbeing of communities who live and visit these towns. We see this review as a chance to ‘think big’ and be aspirational about the future of our towns.  

Following on from the Your Town, Your Future survey, and the extensive research carries out by the review team, this event will bring together themes and perspectives from their work so far.

The event will also give delegates the opportunity to contribute their thoughts interactively during the session. Also featured will be examples intended to spark ideas.


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20 May 2021
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