Welsh language report 2019-20

20 Aug 2020 - 4:00pm

We’ve published our annual report on the Welsh language

Our annual report on the Welsh language outlines the work we have done to promote the language use and awareness within Audit Wales during 2019-20 and gives a snapshot of our current situation.

Our report also provides an opportunity for us to identify how we can improve further.

Audit Wales still have two separate sets of Welsh standards – one for the Auditor General for Wales and the other for the Wales Audit Office, both of which sit under our umbrella brand – Audit Wales.

Key to our success in 2019-20 was to create a Welsh language strategy, which sets out our current position, our ambitions and our proposed actions to realise those ambitions.

Communicating the requirements of the standards to staff is important to ensure they understand their responsibilities around the Welsh-language and what provisions are available to them – including learning opportunities, tools and guidance, technology and HR material.

We have introduced new ways of encouraging Welsh speaking applicants to apply for new roles as well. Our newly developed Skills Matrix helps with recruitment and is based on how you will use the Welsh language practically in the position applied for. 

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