Gwent Police Authority Inspection Report 2010
This report summarises the joint Wales Audit Office and HMIC findings from the inspection of Gwent Police Authority which took place in October 2009.
Gwent Police Authority (the Authority) is performing well overall and is in a strong position to further improve. The Authority demonstrates effective leadership and there is a constructive and challenging relationship with the Force. Senior officers are carefully appointed with a view to improving police performance on behalf of the public. The Authority provides strategic direction and influence, working closely with the Force to set and ensure delivery of their priorities and outcomes. When, in 2006-07, the Authority recognised the resource and financial pressures on the Force it authorised the Staying Ahead Review. This is a wide ranging and ambitious review of the way policing is delivered in Gwent to deliver high quality services to the public within the resources available. In parallel, the Authority has reviewed and realigned its governance structures to facilitate an effective and efficient police service

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