How technology is enabling collaborative working across public services

09 December 2020
  • October 2019 - This seminar showcased a range of digital tools and how they can improve collaboration between public services. 

    The seminar also shared examples of organisations that are maximising the use of digital technology, enabling them to deliver services that promote independence, prevention, combat social isolation and community wellbeing. These examples can be adapted across any public service.


    Title Size Link
    How technology can create a team of teams 9.58 MB Link
    GetFit Wales – working collaboratively to improve health and wellbeing 751.28 KB Link
    Mind of my own – Better care happens when children are listened to 2.5 MB Link
    Monitoring health and happiness: How technology is keeping families connected 1.79 MB Link
    Emerging Technology and Innovative Housing – a Collaborative approach 647.01 KB Link

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