Clare James

Headshot photograph of Clare James

Clare is one of the four employee members on our Executive Leadership Team.

She brings a broad range of experience with her from her roles in WAO and its predecessor bodies.

After her Psychology degree at Plymouth Polytechnic, she obtained her chartered accountancy qualification in private practice and then worked as a financial auditor on a variety of audits across Wales.

Her main role now is the Technical lead for our NHS & Central Government financial audits, providing advice and guidance to audit teams.

Alongside that role, Clare is also Audit Manager for two financial audits and one performance audit, and is also the Chair of Pawb, our Equalities Interest Group.

Born in Cheltenham, Clare has lived on Gower for many years and spends much of her free time gardening, walking Meggie - her four-legged friend, and doing the occasional 10k or half marathon.