We’re committed to building on our ambitions for the rest of the year

We’re committed to building on our ambitions for the rest of the year
28 October 2021
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Our Interim Report has been published

Our Interim Report provides a summary of how we’re delivering or progressing our plans since our Annual Plan was published in April 2021.

We have continued to shape our governance and value for money audit plans at individual NHS and local government audited bodies to concentrate on issues of most relevance. With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to exercise that flexibility more than ever.

Our priorities in terms of running the business have continued to include adapting and minimising disruption to our work, while ensuring we do the right thing by our people, with a new team of wellbeing ‘champions’ formed earlier in the year and the recent development of a new Wellbeing Strategy for us.

There has been no need to deviate significantly from the work programmes laid out in our 2021-22 Plan. All planned work has been delivered or is progressing to plan, which is a credit to the professionalism of our staff and cooperation that we receive from the bodies that we audit.

Auditor General, Adrian Crompton

Guided by our ambitions and using our unique position, we are committed to building on this momentum for the rest of the year to drive improvement in public services across Wales.

Interim Report 2021-22