Dancing to a new beat with COVID-19

Dancing to a new beat with COVID-19
29 July 2020
Photograph of two pairs of feet, male, in mid-air, dancing

We look at the next phase of public services’ response to the pandemic

As we move out of the lockdown, public services face a new and uncertain ‘new normal’.

What are the lessons we can take into this new normal from the initial response to the virus?

Our next blog instalment on COVID-19 learning draws on a widely read blog on the ‘hammer and the dance’ published in March 2020, which has been viewed over 10 million times and endorsed by many experts and thinkers.  

Our blog sets out a two-pronged approach to manage the pandemic.

Firstly, the aim is to supress the virus. This has happened through strict social distancing that has come to be known as ‘lockdown’. This is ‘the hammer’.

‘The dance’ is what comes next. And only once the levels of virus are very low. The dance is unpredictable – it is about finding a new normal, experimenting with the boundaries of what is safe.

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