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Are you interested in earning while learning? Looking for an alternative to university but with the same long-term prospects?

At Audit Wales, we offer three different apprentice programmes, all with a unique blend of learning opportunities.

As a place to work, we’re a little different.

We genuinely care about our people and offer a welcoming culture and an environment that encourages a positive work-life balance.

We work to assure the people of Wales that public money is well managed, explain how public money is being used to meet people’s needs and inspire and empower the Welsh public sector to improve. We strive to make public money count, and to make a difference to our public services and communities in Wales.

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    Finance Apprenticeship Programme
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    Data Science Apprenticeship
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    Business Administration Apprentice
Eligibility for the Apprenticeship

To be eligible for an apprenticeship, you must:

• Have a right to live and work in the UK

• Be resident in Wales or your employer is based permanently in Wales

• Have legally left school

• Intend to stay in employment for the next 12 months

• Not already be funded for other training courses by Welsh Government

• Be paid the relevant National Minimum Wage

• Work more than 16 hours per week.

Apprenticeship Programmes will receive funding support through the Welsh Government Apprenticeship Framework. The Welsh Government does not support apprenticeship qualifications where an individual already holds a qualification of the same type, content and level (or of a higher level). You should not enter for a qualification of the same type, content and level as that of a qualification you already hold.

However, if the apprenticeship would allow the individual to acquire substantive new skills, and it was evident that the content of the qualification was materially different from any prior qualification, then such an apprenticeship may be eligible for funding.

As part of the recruitment process your details will be shared with the training provider for the apprenticeship. The training providers are an integral part of the recruitment process as they are responsible for confirming candidate’s eligibility to undertake the apprenticeship in line with the Welsh Government Apprenticeship Framework. In agreeing to proceed with the application process you are agreeing to the sharing of your details with the training provider.

If you are uncertain as to whether you are eligible for a programme, please contact HRandPayroll@audit.wales setting out clearly the qualifications you already hold.

Please note that the guidance given above does not consider every circumstance and Audit Wales reserves the right to reject an application where it considers that any eligibility criteria have not been met.

Finance Apprenticeship Programme

An individual already holding a level 4 (or above) finance or accounting qualification is not eligible to apply for the Finance Apprenticeship Programme. Examples of such qualifications include level 4 AAT; an accountancy degree, HNC or HND; or a higher-level accounting qualification awarded by one of the accounting institutes. This apprenticeship is aimed at those without any previous finance qualifications, however where an applicant has a level 2 AAT qualification, we will consider those applicants. Where individuals are successful that already hold a level 2 AAT qualification, they will be offered a two year apprenticeship programme. Level 3 AAT applicants are not eligible to apply.

Where a prior qualification contained some finance or accountancy elements at level 2 or above, but was not exclusively a finance or accounting qualification, such qualifications would need to be considered for eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Qualifications in broad numerical subjects like mathematics and statistics would be expected to meet the eligibility requirements.

Data Science Apprenticeship

With regards to qualifications that fall outside of eligibility criteria we would advise that any “Data Science” or “Computer Science” qualification achieved at degree level or higher will be ineligible. Any qualifications containing modules of data analysis/ data science or computer science to level 4 will also need to be considered to check regarding funding eligibility. All qualifications will be checked on a case-by-case basis at the sifting stage.

Business Administration Apprentice

Where a prior qualification contained some business elements at level 2 or above, but was not exclusively a business administration qualification, such qualifications would need to be considered for eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

We only accept applications through our online portal, but if you need us to consider a reasonable adjustment, do please let us know in good time.

When completing your application

Familiarise yourself with the Job Description and the Person Specification, so you understand the role and what the essential qualifications, skills and attributes for the apprentice role are.

We are looking for how your studies and/or previous experience in work or outside interests makes you suitable to start a career as an apprentice.

Please ensure you include evidence of:

  • Your current qualifications meeting the minimum educational standard
  • In your covering letter we want to find out about you, why are you interested in pursuing an apprenticeship and what are you interested in and what have you done so far, be it through work, school, college, sporting activities or volunteering., experiences or behaviours you have that you think would make you suitable for the role.

Please note – the application form will be used to assess all applicants.  Failure to complete the application in detail may result in your application not progressing to the assessment stage. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the Job Description and the Person Specification, so you understand the role and what essential qualifications, skills and attributes we are looking for.

Assessment Centre

All apprentice assessment processes will be completed by an assessment centre. An assessment centre will normally include an interview and the completion of some test, often written or through a role play. Further information about this stage will be provided nearer at the time.

Feedback is provided to all candidates that attend an assessment centre.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding, our Apprenticeship Programmes, or if anything is unclear, please email HRandPayroll@audit.wales.

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