Torfaen County Borough Council

The Auditor General for Wales' opinion is that the financial statements give a true and fair view of the Council's finances. 


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Funding and Spending

£-30.1 million surplus income
How is the Council funded?
£336.5 Million
Main groupings of income
Amount of income in particular area
How much has Torfaen County Borough Council spent?
£366.6 Million
Total: £366.6 Million
A breakdown of the Total Other column in the above chart:
Total Other £ Million
Council Tax Income £57.4 Million
Revenue Support Grant and Non-Domestic Rates £140.5 Million
Other Income £138.6 Million
Total: £17.4 Million


Staff Costs £1 Million
Wage variances
Number of employees whose remuneration is over £60,000 per annum 5
Median remuneration £3
Highest paid Director £2
Ratio between the Council’s highest paid employee and the median position 4:1
Termination - number 6
Termination - value

What they own

£368.2 Million
Total Assets£368.2 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment£303.3 Million
Heritage Assets£1.4 Million
Investment Property£15.0 Million
Debtors£37.8 Million
Short Term Investments£9.0 Million
Cash and Cash Equivalents£0.8 Million
Assets Held for Sale£0.3 Million
Other Assets£0.6 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment Breakdown

What they owe

£577.7 Million

Borrowing - long term

£120.9 Million

Borrowing - short term

£5.1 Million