Leading Programmes and Projects - Shared Learning Seminar

Leading Programmes and Projects - Shared Learning Seminar

Understand how to lead, not just manage, successful programmes and projects. 

Llanrwst 17 September 2014, 9am - 1pm

Cardiff 25 September 2014, 9am - 1pm

The aim of this seminar was to share lessons learnt and good practice from strategic and practical public service programme and project management. The seminar focused in particular on leading people and achieving benefits. Walking away from this seminar delegates were able to understand how to lead successful programmes and projects, not just manage the process.

This seminar was for those involved in, overseeing or accountable for programmes or projects in public services.   

The seminar consisted of two showcase plenary sessions:

It’s all about people…: project challenges and some personal reflections

And a choice of attending two of the following workshops: