Revised joint protocol published for collaborative working between the Auditor General and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 2:17pm

An updated Operational Protocol has been published today which sets out how the Auditor General and his staff will work together with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales to support effective liaison, collaborative working and information sharing.

It is designed to help the organisations create work programmes which are complementary and which avoid duplication of work, and to ensure that there are clear processes for sharing information and for the cross-referral of risks and concerns. 

It was first launched in October 2012 and has provided a clear framework for the range of joint and collaborative work that staff from both our organisations routinely undertake.

We have recently reviewed the Protocol to ensure that it still has relevance and that it takes account of new developments, most notably the Escalation and Intervention arrangements that have been introduced for the NHS in Wales.

We believe that with the updates which have been included, the Operational Protocol continues to provide a helpful framework for ensuring our organisations’ activities.

Read the Operational Protocol [PDF 424KB Opens in new window].