Previous Tenders and Contracts

These are details of tenders and contracts that have now closed.

  • Configuration and Delivery of Audit Management Software with Support
    Closed: 03/04/14
  • Cleaning Services to the Auditor General for Wales (Wales Audit Office)
    Closed: 25/03/14
  • Invitation to tender for Security Services​
    Closed: 28/01/14
  • Invitation to tender Offsite records storage
    ​Closed: 20/01/14
  • Invitation to tender to provide a media monitoring service
    ​Closed: 06/01/14
  • Tender Document - Upgrading the Wales Audit Office website
    ​Closed: 27/05/11    
  • Tender Document - Swansea Cleaning Services
    ​Closed: 23/02/11
  • Tender Document - Security Services
    ​Closed: 25/02/11
  • Tender Document - Cathedral Road Cleaning Services
    ​Closed: 28/02/11     
  • UK-AGW Framework Agreement for the Supply of Employment Legal and Related Services to the Wales Audit Office
    Closing date: 12/08/2010

If you would like to receive a copy of one of the above tenders or contracts please contact us.